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The RocketChip ECU Upgrade

ECU Upgrade for 91-94 Capri XR2 and 88-89 Mazda 323 GT or GTX


What does your upgrade do?
The RocketChip upgrade does several things:
  • Increases fueling limit sufficient for 16PSI of boost
  • Richens the fuel map
  • Raises the Rev limiter to desired value
This allows you to safely crank the boost in your car, without having to worry about leaning out. The stock computer can only handle around 11PSI before leaning out. The rev limiter can be set at anything you like, 7200 RPM is common.

Will this increase my boost?
This upgrade only makes it safe for you to increase the boost. You will still need a manual or electronic boost controller to adjust boost levels.

I've installed the upgraded ECU and a boost controller. My car beeps and cuts out when I boost. Whats wrong!?!
You forgot to unplug the boost cut switch! Its a black, round module mounted to the firewall behind the intake manifold (picture). It has a vacuum line running to it, and has two wires and a white plug. Unplug it and you are good to go!

Can I run more than 16PSI?
I have tested up to 19PSI on my Capri, without leaning out. However becuase of turbo efficiency and longevity concerns, 16 PSI is the maximum recomended boost.

How do you modify the ECU?
The stock ROM is desoldered, and a socket is soldered in its place. A re-programmable EEPROM is burned with the program, and inserted into the socket.

Does my car have to be modified to run this Chip?
No. But having a high-flow intake, and a larger free-flowing exhaust, will greatly amplify the effect of having more boost! A larger intercooler will also help, but is not neccesary.

What if I want to return to stock?
Simply (and carefully) remove the RocketChip from the socket, and insert the stock ROM into the socket. Please note the notch on the end of the chip, the chip must be installed in the proper direction.

Do you have a Dyno sheet?
I have not dyno'd my car yet. I will post results as soon as I do!

Do I need to modify my fuel system?
At the power levels capable of being run by the stock ECU the fuel system does not need to be modified. If you would like a little extra insurance, you can run heavy power lines and a new relay to the fuel pump. The stock wires to it are rather thin and because they are long, cause resistance which can limit power to the pump. Heavier wire will ensure the pump will be able to run at its maximum rated capacity without being limited by the power wire. This is commonly called a "Fuel Pump Re-wire"

Can you chip my BP or BP26 ECU?
The BP ECU does not have a removable ROM, so unfortunately I cannot chip it for you. This upgrade will not work with in the BG chassis GTX (1.8L BPT BP26 ecu)

Do you make an N/A Chip?
I can change rev limiters on N/A ecus.


all prices include domestic USPS shipping

Pricing current as of August 2022
Send in your ECU for upgrading: $200
I do not currently have any ECU cores on hand for exchange service.

Returned Core Policy Effective Jan 1, 2010
A refund will be issued for returned core ECU if returned within 60 calender days of reciept of ECU.
Please return a core if you can so I can maintain stock; Include your info with the ECU so I know who to refund.

2022 Update: Prices have been updated

Please CONTACT me if you are interested in purchasing an upgrade or if you have any questions not answered here.

The stock Fuel MapThe RocketChip upgraded Fuel Map Socket InstalledRocketChip Installed


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