Rocketlab's $15 DIY Flamethrower

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Rocketlab's $15 DIY Flamethrower

This device can be harmful to life or property. I will not be held responsible for your actions. Also, this device may not be legal in your area. Its up to you to find out.

My friend, SadisticTheory, and I, made this in about an hour using common materials. The main part is a winshield washer pump, which I picked up at my local Advance Auto store for $15. You will probably have to customize the entire project yourself with the parts you have. But the basic operation is simple. You have a switch that controls the pump, powered by a 12V battery. The pump draws fuel (we found coleman camp fuel to work the best-basically white gasoline) from a tank (in this case a 2-stroke engine tank, with the internal filter removed(was too restrictive)) and forces it out a nozzle past a pilot light. The pilot light can be anything from a candle to a small torch. I lucked out with my design, I used a muzzle gaurd and that caught some excess fuel spray in it, and it stayed lit once ignited. The nozzle I made from a piece of 1/4" copper pipe that was pinched at the end with a "V" cut into it with a file (see illustration). This is OK for fooling around but I reccomend finding a better nozzle. I attached everything to a piece of pipe I bent in an "L" with a small handle on it with duct tape. Below my friend is posing with the flamethrower to give you an idea of how its built.

We tested it over a small pond so we wouldnt set all of Pennsylvania on fire.

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SadisticTheoryPosing The PumpThe Fuel Tank

The NozzleSimple Wiring The Flame HolderSUCCESS!!

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