How To Clean The Window Switches On Your Aussie Capri


Have your windows in your Aussie Capri quit on you? This is a common problem. It is usually due to corroded terminals in the switch itself. If your windows suddenly quit, or if neither work at all, cleaning the switch can usually solve the problem. This article does not cover faulty window regulators in which the window sometimes works, doesnt close/open all the way, or makes grinding noises.

The following article shows you how to restore your window switches to proper working order:

We'll start off with the master switch on the driver's side.

There are 3 screws on the back of the switch. remove theses and carefully remove the top panel of the switch. Be sure to work somewhere that parts can't fall on the floor, or if they can they can be found easily.

Here the top cover is removed, and the 4 contacts we'll be working on. They usually dont stay in when you take the cover off so dont worry.

You can see the black carbon that builds up from the switch arcing internally when you let off of it. Its a design flaw and really cant be prevented.

Here the rockers have been removed from the contacts. Note that they have small tabs on each side - one side is larger than the other. They are directional so they dont pop out. Just pay attention when putting them back in, they really wont fit unless you have them right. The large rocker is the power switch for the passenger side. This usually doesn't need to be cleaned.

Clean the loose crud away with a stiff nylon bristle brush. (an old toothbrush works fine)

Use a small piece of fine sandpaper or emory cloth to make sure there is shiny metal on the contacts. (there are 8 contacts that will need cleaning) Don't sand it or grind it down too much, just enough to show mostly bare metal. The rockers should also be sanded lightly where corrosion is evident (circled) Again, dont take too much off, just enough for a nice clean surface.

When the contacts and rockers are clean, replace the rockers. Note the tabs on the sides and make sure they go in the right way. Make sure the power switch slide is in place as well.

To put it back together, hold the switch assembly upright and carefully put the switch cover back on. Squeeze it with one hand and flip it over, and screw in the center screw (this holds it together so you dont have to hold it for the two outer screws)

The Master Switch is now completed!


The passenger side usually doesn't have to be cleaned unless it is used very heavily.

You'll have to unclip both sides here. It can be a bit tricky.

There are 2 tabs on this side and 2 on the opposite side. The can be very difficult to get to unclip but it can be done.

The outer part coming off - try not to bend the harness contacts when removing it.

The inner switch assembly removed. Note that it just clips in, it doesnt screw in.

Clean the contacts and rockers the same way as you did for the master switch. There are only 4 contacts and 2 rockers here.

To re-assemble it, carefully hold the switch assembly upright and lower the switch cover onto it. Squeeze untill it clicks into place. (note that it will only go back on one way, the clips on the sides are at different positions)

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